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Department of Mathematics Study Material

NPTEL-LEC-18-Heat Equation-1 Click Here
NPTEL-LEC-19-Heat Equation-2 Click Here
NPTEL-LEC-20-Heat Equation-3 Click Here
NPTEL-LEC-21-Heat Equation-4 Click Here
NPTEL-LEC-22-Heat Equation-5 Click Here
MTH152/MTH152A for B.Tech Engineering Mathematics-II Click Here
B.Sc.(H) Mathematics (II Sem.) Click Here
Topic-canonical transformation Click Here
MTH668(Number Theory) Mathematics Click Here
MTH330(Ring theory and linear Algebra-II) Mathematics Click Here
MTH225A(Numerical Methods) Click Here
Partial Differential Equations Click Here
Topic-Poisson Bracket Click Here
Discrete Mathematics Planar Graphs Click Here
Mathematical Statistics Beta Distribution, Gamma Distribution and Normal Distribution Click Here
Theory of Real Functions - Mean Value Theorem Click Here
Theory of Real Functions - Mean Value Theorem Click Here
Darboux Theorem Click Here
Hospital Rule and Taylor's Theorem Click Here
Functional Analysis Section-III Click Here
1. MTH 329 Lec-01 de Moivre's Formula and Stereographic Projection Click Here
1. MTH 556 lec01 L^p spaces Click Here
1. MTH 558 lec01 Surfaces and parametric surfaces, examples, regular surface Click Here
MTH 329 Lec-02 Limits and Continuity Click Here
2. MTH 556 lec02 L^p norm Click Here
2. MTH 558 lec02 Transition maps of smooth surfaces, smooth function between surfaces Click Here
MTH 329 Lec-03 Differentiation Click Here
3. MTH 556 lec03 Completeness of L^p Click Here
3. MTH 558 lec03 Tangent, Normal Click Here
MTH 329 Lec-04 Cauchy-Riemann Equations and Differentiability Click Here
4. MTH 556 lec04 Properties of L^p spaces Click Here
4. MTH 558 lec04 Orientable surfaces Click Here
5. MTH 556 lec05 lec37 Examples of L^p spaces Click Here

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