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From the Chancellor's Desk

How beautifully sublime is this holy mantra from the Vedas! It captures the essence of the very purpose of human existence, which is, to imbibe the good and discard the evil. This divine mantra was very close to the hearts of Maharishi Dayanand and Mahatma Hansraj, the inspiration and founder of DAV movement respectively, and today forms the bedrock of the ethos and values of DAV. DAV – Dayanand Anglo Vedic – a concept that is in its amalgamation of our ancient heritage and modernity. “Dayanand” and “Vedic” are the primary motive forces at work for the DAV movement, connoting the richness ... More »

Departments and Courses
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
A career related to Engineering and Technology requires knowledge of Mathematics and Natural Sciences to primarily implement and extend existing technology for the benefit of humanity.
Faculty of Sciences
Various branches of fundamental sciences including natural and applied sciences help students gain knowledge based on observable phenomena capable of being tested for its validity. They promise lucrative career options.
Faculty of Agricultural Science and Technology
Courses in Agricultural Science and Technology offer a broad multidisciplinary curriculum for understanding various components of agriculture including production techniques, improving agricultural productivity
Faculty of Social Sciences
Courses in Social Sciences involve systematic study of human society and social relationships. The understanding of social values assumes greater significance in current world order.
Faculty of Commerce and Management
A degree in Commerce & Business Management prepares an individual to invent or adopt new ways to lead business and economy.
Faculty of Languages and Literature
Language and literature are major components of cultural preservation. Language can be seen as more than just a method of expression while literature can be viewed as an expression of perspective and literary traditions that develop over time.
Faculty of Physical Education
Physical education relates to educational programmes related to the physique of the human body, taken during primary and secondary education that encourages psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration setting to promote health.
Faculty of Short-Term Applied Courses
These courses hold the potential of getting overseas jobs, self employment and supplementing the existing income.
Research Forum
Research at
DAV University
DAV University Jalandhar looks forward to exploit new opportunities in research using its strengths across various academic streams including Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences, Sciences, Commerce and Business Management and Languages and Literature.
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News Update
DAV University Conference: Jamun holds key to cancer cure

Plants of various species have evolved a well-developed immune system to fight disease causing micro-organisms. Mechanism of these plant species is a huge promise for curing various life threatening diseases including cancer.

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Combating several communicable and life style diseases has become a major challenge in the world, says Dr Sahni

Combating several communicable and life style diseases has become a major challenge in the world. Several bacteria have become resistant to drugs and their fast mutation and evolution have been posing a challenge to scientists involved in research and drug discovery.

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Important Announcement : DAV University Entrance-cum-Scholarship Test (DAVUET 2015) is the eligibility test for admission to B Tech Programme. Biology students appearing in AIPMT on May 3, 2015 may be given another chance subsequently.

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