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In International / National Journal/Conferences

Digvijay Singh


Conference Presentations, International/National:

D.Singh, Cross Cultural Nuances in T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland. International Conference on Cross Cultural Nuances.ICCN-14(A Multi-Disciplinary Conference) held at Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Jalandhar on October 30-31, 2015.


Kapil Chaudaha

Publication in Journals:

  1. Chaudaha, Was Gandhi a True Mahatma?, October, 2010.
  2. Chaudaha,The Conflict between Local and Global in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies. Cyber Literature, 26(2), 20-28, 2010.
  3. Art of Narration: An Analysis of Psychonarrative Technique in Girmitiya Saga, Dialog, 20(2), 75-85, 2011.
  4. Chaudaha, Historical Drama: Are History and Literature in Conflict?IUP Journal of English Studies, 6(2), 68-74, 2011.
  5. Chaudaha, Faiz Ahmed Faiz: A Lyrical Rebel, South Asian Ensemble, A Canadian Quarterly of Art, Literature and Culture,3(3), 112-116, 2011.
  6. Chaudaha, The Story of a Widow: A Book Review, South Asian Ensemble, A Canadian Quarterly of Art, Literature and Culture, 3(4), 228-230, 2012.
  7. Chaudaha, Killing the Water: A Book Review, South Asian Ensemble, A Canadian Quarterly of Art, Literature and Culture, 5(4), 168-174, 2013.


Conference Presentations, International/National

  1. Chaudaha, Slavery in 19thCentury America: A Colonial Perspective, Colonial and Post Colonial Literature,Jabalpur (M.P.) 13-14February 2004.
  2. Chaudaha, Historical Drama: Are History and Literature in Conflict?Reassessing World Drama : Visions, Experiments, Traditions, Punjabi University, Patiala, 17-18 February 2011.
  3. Chaudaha, Is Marriage Destiny? International Conference on Mainstreaming GenderPunjabi University, Patiala (November, 2011) by Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, Patiala, 612-616.
  4. Chaudaha, Acted as the convener in a national seminar on “Revising the Normative: Using Postcolonialism to Readdress Culture, Literature and Performance” Held at Lovely Professional University, November 30, 2012.
  5. Chaudaha, “ĀwāzJā-bajāThiMeri” (My Voice Was Everywhere) Ahmad Faraz’s Poetry: A Priceless Legacy, South and West Asian Literature and Film: Narratives of Modernity, Punjabi University, Patiala, 6-7 November 2014.
  6. Chaudaha, Technological Narrative as Metanarrative: Reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles.Literature in the Emerging Contexts of Technology and Culture,Punjabi University, Patiala, 25-26 February 2015.


Dr. Nakul Kundra

Assistant Professor (English)

DAV University, Jalandhar


Publication in a journal:


  1. AravindAdiga’s The White Tigeras a Book of Darkness: A Critical Study. Literary Endeavour, 1 (4), 31-42, Jan 2011.


  1. Cacophony of India: A Comparative Study of The White Tigerand Slumdog Millionaire (Movie and Novel). Asian Journal of Literature, Culture and Society, 5 (2), 84-96, Oct 2011.


  1. Walking Down the Lane of History: A Study of Nationalism in Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’sAnandmathand Tagore’s GoraPragati’sEnglish Journal, 12 (2), 77-84, Dec. 2012.


  1. Kundra, N. Kaur. Multifaceted ‘Truth’: Representation of India.MZU Journal of Literature and Cultural Studies, 2 (2), 168-190, March 2015.


Conference Presentations, International/National:


  1. Why do Women Need to go against the Grain? : A Literary Study. Post Colonialism and Indian Literatures: Experience, Texts, Theories held at A.S. College, Khanna during 18-19 Nov. 2010.


  1. The Issue of Morality in Vijay Tendulkar’s Silence! The Court is in Session. Social Realism and Moral Concerns in Modern Dramaheld at G.H.G. Khalsa College, GurusarSadhar during 28-29 Jan. 2011.


  1. An Overview of Modernism and Postmodernism. Art, Culture and Theory- Mapping the Transition from Modernism to Postmodernismheld at Govt. Brijindra College, Faridkot during 3-4 Feb. 2011.


  1. A Social View of Pre-Marital Conception: A Comparative Study of Juno & the Paycockand Silence! The Court is in Session.Reassessing World Drama: Visions, Experiments, Traditions held at English Dept., Punjabi University, Patiala during 17-18 Feb. 2011.


  1. Major Issues in Tagore’s Gora: A Study. Rabindranath Tagore Todayheld at the English Department of ChaudharyCharan Singh University, Meerut during 7-8 April, 2011.


  1. Portrayal of Womenin Tagore’s Short Stories: A Selected Study. Seminar-cum-Workshop in Commemoration of 150thBirth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagoreheld at CRRID, Chandigarh during 23-24 April 2012.


  1. Understanding Cross Cultural Interactions. Cross Cultural Nuances (ICCN-14)held at KMV College, Jalandhar during 30-31st Oct. 2015.


  1. Subalterns in Nationalist Discourse: A Study of Raja Rao’sKanthapuraThe Paradigm of Inequality in Indiaheld at B.N.G.N.D.U. College Mithra, Kapurthala during 15-16 January 2016.


  1. English in the Changing World. Lexico-Grammatical Aspects of English Language and Their Implications on Language Learning and Teachingheld at B.N.G.N.D.U. College Mithra, Kapurthala during 22-23 January 2016.


Guest Lectures


  1. Invited to deliver guest lectures on “Communication Skills and Personality Development” and “Interview Skills” at Rayat-Bahra Institute of Management on 6thOctober 2015.


Nivedita Gupta


Publication in Journal:

Gupta, Nivedita,  Prison as Cultural Hammam: Women’s Marginalization and Resistance in Nawal-el-Saadawi’s Memoirs from the Women’s Prison. Dialog Bi-Annual Inter-Disciplinary 25, 87-103, Spring 2014.


Gupta, Nivedita. Feminine Voices of Resistance from Refugee Camps: Exile and Displacement in Liana Badr’s The Eye of the Mirror. Cross Cultural Nuances, KMV Jalandhar, 2015.

Gupta, Nivedita. Out of Amnesia: Reclaiming Women’s Lost Voices and Forbidden Gaze in The Literati: A Peer Reviewed Bi-Annual Journal devoted to English language and Literature. Summer and Winter (7), 2016.

Gupta, Nivedita. The Middle Eastern Crisis: Where are the Women? In Literati: Literati: A Peer Reviewed Journal devoted to English language and Literature. Summer and Winter (7), 2017.

Gupta, Nivedita. “Of Survival and Resistance.” Review of Suvir kaul’s Of Gardens and graves: Essays on Kashmir. Dialog: A Bi-Annual Inter-Disciplinary 28 (Autumn 2015).


Conference Presentation:


Gupta, Nivedita. Feminine Voices of Resistance from Refugee Camps: Exile and Displacement in Liana Badr’s The Eye of the Mirror. International Conference on Cross-Cultural Nuances, 30th-31st Oct.2014


Ms. Preeti


Preeti. “The Realistic Portrayal of Peasantry in Munshi Premchands Godan.” The Literary Icon(2015):Print (ISSN 22786627).

Preeti. “Narrative Technique of Godan.” The Oracle. (2016): Print (ISSN 23195673)

Preeti. “Individual Existence of Characters in Munshi Premchand’s Godan.” Critique: International Interdisciplinary Research Journal Vol 1.3 (2015): Print


Seminar and Conferences attended

Attended the International Conference on Cross Cultural Nuances held at KMV, Jalandhar

Attended a Two-day National seminar on ELT held at KMV, Jalandhar


Anita Abrol

Publication in Journals

1. Abrol ,Anita .“Alienation and Belonging in Harold Pinter's Plays”, Man in India ,Vol 96,no.9,2016.

2. Abrol, Anita. “Being and Becoming in the plays of Harold Pinter”, Upstream Research International Journal.Vol 3,no2,2015.

3. Abrol ,Anita. “Existentialism in Harold Pinter's The Room”, Upstream Research International Journal.Vol 1,no1,2013.
Conference/Seminar/Workshop Attended

1. Attended World conference on Shaping A Classroom: A Global Perspective (2012) held at Lovely Professional University.

2. Attended ICCR ,New Delhi Sponsered International Conference on Rabindernath Tagore (2011) held at Chaudhari Charan Singh Universit and presented paper on “Treatment of Myths in Rabindernath Tagore's Chitra”.

3. Attended 53rd All India Teachers' Conference(2008) held at Gurukul Kangri Vishvidalaya , Haridwar and presented paper on “Symbolism in Waiting for Godot”

4. Attended Faculty Development Programme (2010) held at Lovely Professional University.



Papers published:

• Kaur, Amaneet. "Resistance of Gender Performativity by the women characters in Arundhati Roy's novel' The God of Small Things'." Academia (2015): 181.

• Presented a paper titled 'Beyond the Belonging: Reflections on race, class and Gender in Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' in one-day national seminar held on 8 April, 2018 at Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya,Jalandhar in association with Pragati Educational Council (Regd.).

• Attended a 10 hour teacher training workshop held by TESOL International organization in collaboration with Regional Institute of English, Chandigarh (22-23 April, 2015).

• Attended a one-day National seminar titled ‘Voice and Vision of women writers in Indian English Literature’ held by PCM S.D. college for women, Jalandhar. (April 2015).





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